Raw Material

Our raw materials

The company Meligiotis Pastry and Bakery prioritizes impeccable product quality.
This is why it uses the best raw materials on the market.
The company cooperates only with suppliers that have fresh and pure ingredients.
The secret of the successful products of the company is the excellent quality of materials, combined with the love and passion of its people.

Delivery in quality
Drawing inspiration from our family tradition and having quality as our basic value, we create unique handmade products from the best and purest raw materials.
We make sure that the name Meligiotis Pastry and Bakery is always identified with the preparation of the highest quality pastries.


Flour is considered one of the basic ingredients of many foods, it is a fine powder made from cereals or other starchy plants. It plays an important role in human nutrition, as it is the raw material for making bread and other bakery products. It is mainly used in a mixture with water, for the preparation of cooking and pastry doughs.


Eggs are an indispensable ingredient in cooking, baking and confectionery. They are high nutritional value products, rich in protein and good fats. They are mainly used in the preparation of various pastries, as a binder. Some of the pastries that contain eggs are cakes, cookies, muffins and various other pastries.


Milk is an integral part of most recipes. Whether in its liquid form or as a dairy product, such as cheese or yogurt, milk is one of the ingredients we use most in bakery and confectionery. It can be used as an ingredient in dough or as an ingredient in various cakes, cookies and sweets.


Margarine is a food that consists mostly of vegetable and much less of animal fats, it has the form of emulsion. The uses in bakery and confectionery are many. Cakes, pies and cookies are some of the products in which margarine is used. It has the property of giving a light texture and texture, while it also helps in the stability of the volume of the products.


Cocoa is the seed of the ground cocoa tree and its most common form is powder. It has a particularly bitter taste, while it is rich in nutrients. It is used in bakery and confectionery, as it gives a chocolate flavor to the products. Very popular products are cocoa cookies, but also various other sweets, especially loved by consumers.

Sesame seeds

Sesame is a valuable seed and a great raw material for bakery. It is highly aromatic, while at the same time enriching the taste of the products in which it is used. It is a key ingredient in various products such as cookies, bun and pasteli. It is also used on the surface of bread and various other pastries and sweets.


Jam is the dessert made from boiled fruit and sugar. It has a special taste and texture and is used in various forms in Greek bakery. The most common jams are strawberry, apricot and cherry, but there are countless variations.


Praline is the sweet that contains nuts, usually hazelnuts or almonds and sugar. The most popular is the chocolate praline that stars in many different pastries. It is the filling of cookies, croissants, buns and cakes. Its use is very common in various variations and in sweets.

We produce products that retain the authentic flavors of our family tradition!



The art of handmade and the traditional way of making products is a key feature of the philosophy of Meligiotis Pastry and Bakery.

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